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Why should these guys be the only ones to have all the fun?

Would you like to be like Iran or North Korea and start your own private nuclear research program for peaceful purposes or be the only private peaceful nuclear power in your area? Well, here on this page you will find information discussing how to build a homemade nuclear reactor and other devices. There are many types of nuclear reactors. With a conventional reactor you will need radioactive material to power it. Now that is very hard to come by. It is possible for the average person to build a breeder reactor but at much cost and trouble collecting radioactive material. For someone to build a reactor they either need to collect the nuclear material to do it or buy/collect the nuclear material then transmute it. Using a simple setup it is possible to create fusion without radioactive material. While creating this fusion it is also possible to create conditions in a typical nuclear reactor such as different types of radiation but under much more controlled conditions. For the home or lab this is the best way to go. If you have not read my Legal Disclaimer please do so now. Since I am making this information available without a financial charge, I can not assume any liability for the safety or reliability of the procedures discussed here. Thanks for visting and enjoy your stay here.

Different types of home-made nuclear reactors. MAIN TOPIC OF THIS SITE HERE. Homemade reactors here.

High energy, free energy, and clean energy generators this way. Need a conventional generator or high energy generator. Here you go.

How to make your own fuel at home. (Not nuclear fuel just stuff to run a car or generator on.) It is always good to have fuel on hand.

How different types of conventional nuclear reactors work. Educational material. Also, if you want to build a commercial reactor instead of a homemade reactor go here.

Other stuff for a homemade nuclear program for peaceful purposes

How to build a homemade nuclear bomb. Every peaceful nuclear research program has to have one (Just kidding)

How to make elements or matter. For those hard to get items.

Building particle or ion guns. These come in handy sometimes. Can be used to transmute elements.

How to transmute elements Shows how to make some things you might need. Good for those hard to get items.

Making radiation Ok, lets make some homemade radiation. (X-rays or Gamma rays).

How Chemical compounds are made. How some nuclear fuels are made.

Space program Every nuclear research program for peaceful purposes for some unknown reason has to have a space program. Go figure. Here you go. (HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL UFO STUFF)

Weapons Every nuclear research program for peaceful purposes needs weapons to protect the research. (Here you go.)

How to make parts for your reactor or peaceful nuclear research projects. This is called a home foundry. Simple way to make metal parts or build an entire machine shop from scrap metal, sand, and a little bit of wood. With books from Lindsay publications and a good computer and software there is no limit to what you can do.

How to make anti-matter Come on its on star trek. We got to have this.

Misc stuff....

Internal Links

unifield field theory The secret of the universe revealed.

How to solve global warming. Conjecture from the authors point of view.

Old pics from when this site first opened. Particle accelerators as nuclear reactors.

External Links

Homemade machine shop and foundry links. A foundry is for melting metal and casting parts. Anyone that wants to invent and play around needs their own machine shop and foundry. Plus knowledge in electronics is a plus. And, you could use your tools to work with wood or make parts for your car/truck or even make whole machines. If you don,t want to buy your machine shop tools you can build them from the ground up. There are a couple of good books out there on how to build a machine shop and how to build a foundry. You might want to learn how to use cad too.

How to build a geiger counter. You will need this to measure radiation.

If you plan to play with plutonium then you want to read this 2. quick reading material for plutonium users.

Heating a plasma How to heat plasma(Used several places in this sight.)

How to make homemade hydrogen You may need the hydrogen. Also from hydrogen you can make deuterium which you also may need.

Periodic Table of Elements You get your replicator going your going to need this.

Reading the periodic table Learn to read the periodic table of elements. Good for newbies.

Laser cool game Game for moving atoms with lasers

How Lasers work

A.I.P physics news physics news. Good reading.

How nuclear bombs work

How to build an H-bomb

Understanding Particle Beams

Making an Ion Beam.

Understanding Particle Detectors

How to build a cloud chamber link1

How to build a cloud chamber link2(More advance.)

How to create a vacuum for the home inventor

You might ask, "Where would I put my nuclear reactor or other energy producing system? Well here is where you could put it. Try going doing a search on Earthships. They co-exist with the environment. They offer better protection from nature. You can grow your own food in them year round or build a green house with it. They store their own water from the rain. They don,t need the power grid, and they are great for living in and you don,t even need a nuclear reactor or free energy machine to run it. But it is nice if you can get one to run all your gadgets. A simple generator will do nicely too.

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